An Entire VIBE of Energy Mango Oil Blend

An Entire VIBE of Energy Mango Oil Blend

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We've decided that the BEST way to get INSIDE your head, is to come THROUGH your nose and that's just what we're doing with our upcoming list of oil scents created to spark your career development:


An Entire VIBE of Wholeness | An Entire VIBE of Energy | An Entire VIBE of Success


Each scent is a therapuetic blend created to positively impact nauseau and anxiety as well as boost you in some way.


They also pair greatly with both the affirmation and flashcard decks! 


Reed Diffuser Sticks Set, includes


  • 10 Rattan Sticks Diffuser Reeds
  • All-Natural Mango Blend Essential Oil
  • Glass Vase (5.5oz)